How To Install Lightroom Mobile Presets?

How to install Lightroom Mobile presets

It actually takes less than a minute to install the presets to your phone.

To continue with this mini tutorial...

You will need the Lightroom Mobile app on your device.

click on the following link to download.

Adobe Lightroom App for iPhone

Adobe Lightroom App for Android



If you have Lightroom installed in your device proceed to the following steps.

1. Download the Presets / DNG files to your phone.

Note that a DNG file is different from a JPG file. You have to tap on the Download button (see yellow box at the bottom) and not "save image as.."

In some devices the downloaded files may appear broken, do not worry

the presets will still work just fine.


2. Import The Presets/DNG to your Lightroom App.

Open the lightroom app and tap on the add photos button.

* The presets / DNG files always have  [ RAW ]  indicated in it.

In this step you can select more than one preset to Add.


3. Create the Preset.

Tap on one preset you would like to create.

Tap on the (...) beside the share button, a drop down menu will appear

then tap on create preset.

Name your preset, check all boxes and tap on the check button above.

Thats it! Your presets are now stored in your Lightroom Mobile App.


Now, where to find the presets and how to use them?

The presets tab is located in the bottom far right.

Open a photo.

Swipe the navigation bar to the left  to find the presets tab.


After editing, with Lightroom Mobile you can choose to save the finished photo to your device as a new file or share it to any apps you have on your device.




To install Lightroom Desktop Presets, click here.