5 Mobile Lightroom Presets WANDERER Blogger Preset for Lifestyle Outdoor, Selfie Lightroom Filter

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Β Presets for Lightroom Mobile Wanderer, Lr Mobile Presets for iPhone Android Photo Editing

Wanderer Mobile Lightroom Presets will give you a deep and rich, trending tones, high contrast and warm aesthetic perfect for travel selfies. Provides consistency in your instagram feed. Works best with portraits, weddings, blogger and influencer style, fashion shoots, photo sessions, flat lay product images.Β 


A Photographer's must have, whether you shoot mobile, DSLR or mirrorless.
Blogger, instagrammer or just love shooting pictures with your friends and family.

This preset is easy to use to stand out from the crowd.
Editing created for photographers, bloggers and travelers. With these presets you will maintain consistency within
your editing and in your feed.

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Included in your download is 1 pdf file containing download links to:

❀ 5 Premium Presets (.dng) for Lightroom Mobile

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These presets are for iPhone or android
These presets are not compatible with Adobe Photoshop.
These presets can be easily adjusted for your photos.
The presets are also compatible with RAW and JPEG format.


I use photos from an iPhone 6 and a Samsung Galaxy s10, any smartphone with a better camera may produce better or same results.

Q: How to download Lightroom Mobile?

A: Lightroom mobile is available to download in the App store/ Playstore for free.


All digital downloads files are final and no refunds are available.
πŸ“© Not happy with your purchased preset?
Send us a message and we can modify the preset to your liking.

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