Dreamy Lightroom Mobile Preset - Bright Pastel Colors

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The Dreamy Preset bundle contains 3 bright presets that will turn ordinary photos to bright eye catching colors. Note that you must have a properly exposed photo or the preset will not work, these bundle does not work with photos taken at night or photos with too much shadows!

Create and edit all from your mobile phone .Β 

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Purchase our preset and download instantly.

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Included in your download is 1 pdf file containing download links to:

❀ 3 Premium Presets (.dng) for Lightroom Mobile

How to install lightroom presets? Click Here

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These presets are for iPhone or android or any mobile with device with Lightroom Mobile.
These presets are not compatible with Adobe Photoshop.Β 
These presets can be easily adjusted for your photos.Β 
The presets are also compatible with RAW and JPEG format.


I use photos from an iPhone 6 and a Samsung Galaxy s10, any smartphone with a better camera may produce better or same results.


All digital downloads files are final and no refunds are available.
πŸ“© Not happy with your purchased preset?Β 
Send us a message and we can modify the preset to your liking.

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