Lightroom Mobile Preset, Rustic Warm Sort Filter, Instagram Blogger, Filtros vsco, Light colors, Yellow Outdoor, Countryside Fashion, Bright

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The Rustic feel gives a bright yellow effect on photos making them catchy at first glance.
User friendly colors carefully made to match different skin tones, this preset also matches very well with the color of blue jeans.

Make a good instagram feed in a few clicks and get viral.
Edit your photos on the go with our user friendly presets.

With these presets you will maintain consistency within
your editing and in your feed.

Purchase our preset and download instantly.


Included in your download:

❀ 1 Premium Presets (.dng) for Lightroom Mobile


These presets are for iPhone or android
These presets are not compatible with Adobe Photoshop.
These presets can be easily adjusted for your photos.
The presets are also compatible with RAW and JPEG format.



Q: How to download Lightroom Mobile?
A: Lightroom mobile is available to download in the App store/ Playstore for free.

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