Nature Wedding And Landscape Lightroom Presets Bundle For Outdoor - Professional and Advanced

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This presets are very special. Unlike the other presets we sell, the Nature Presets may require more tinkering of settings.
You may have to adjust the exposure, fill/shadows and contrast.
The secret of these presets are hidden in the Curves tool and HSL( you do not have to fiddle with) .
Some people compare these presets to HDR which is not, Nature Presets Bundle are much more printer friendly
and does not give of the grungy look that does not compliment on subject's skin texture specially with brides wearing gowns.
Photos with very harsh lighting almost always never produce the similar effects with the sample photos above.
It is also advised but not required to use wide angle photos shot with smaller aperture.

Used on dozens of weddings and travel, setting a the bar higher among our circle, with pride and confidence
I present you my favorite presets.

May not work well with photos that:
❌With Low resolution.
❌Harsh Lighting (eg. pop up flash, strobe lights without diffusers)
❌Blurry images
❌Tight Photos (eg 85mm,135mm, 200mm)
❌Photos taken with dirty lenses.
❌Photos with a lot of bokeh and lens flare.
❌Photos with a lot of chromatic aberration.
❌Photos with noticeable amount of noise.

Works best with:
πŸ‘ŒRAW and Jpeg
πŸ‘ŒLong exposures(landscape)
πŸ‘ŒPhotos taken in golden hours
πŸ‘ŒPhotos taken with small small apertures.


Included in your download:

1zip file containing:
❀ 15 Lightroom Presets(.lr template) for Mac/Windows


You may need winrar to unzip the compressed folder containing the presets.
These presets can be easily adjusted for your photos.
The presets are also compatible with RAW and JPEG format.


All digital downloads files are final and no refunds are available.
πŸ“© No guarantees are made for this special listing as they are designed for advanced users of Adobe Lightroom.

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