New! Vintage Film Wedding Presets For Lightroom Mobile, Classic, Desktop and Camera Raw

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These presets are created from our daily photographs of portraits until evolved to "Vintage Film" self portraits.
Each preset is made for different uses, 3 for Lightroom Desktop, 3 for Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw, and 3 for Lightroom Mobile.

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Give a unique vibe to your instagram photos with Lowcoste presets for reasonable prices.


Included in your download:

1 zip file containging -

❀3 Presets for Lightroom Mobile(instant download to your iphone/android)

❀3Presets for Lightroom Desktop

❀3 Presets for Photoshop Camera Raw


These presets may be downloaded and used directly to your device once purchased.
These presets can be easily adjusted for your photos.
The presets are also compatible with RAW and JPEG format.


To install the acr presets copy and paste them to:
For Windows Users
C:\Users\(yourcomputername)\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Camera Raw\Settings
For Mac Users
(yourcomputername)/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings

All digital downloads files are final and no refunds are available.
📩 Not happy with your purchased preset?
Send us a message and we can modify the preset to your liking.

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